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1/2 the vision; 2x the appeal :}
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My gallery has gone through some major reconstruction over the last year- mainly due to the fact that I have finally gotten sense knocked into me as to what makes a deviation a deviation! More than just sketchy scribbles and referenced fan art (both of which you will still see in my gallery- just not as much^^)
I dump in a big mix of just about everything in my gallery- from fanart to family portraits and random craft projects to photography. But I will tell you this- it is never boring!! ;D
Thanks for taking the time to check it out :meow:


What I wish I could do! :0


My Photography!

Nobody seems to realize that I do in fact, take photos. So here are some that will hopefully get more appreciation on here than they would stuffed away in some far off corner of my gallery!

Stick Tunnel by MoPotterLast of Light's Rays by MoPotter
After the Storm by MoPotterCongrats Grads by MoPotter
House of Payne by MoPotterA Rose's Ink by MoPotter
.:Mystic:. by MoPotterPrickly Tangerine by MoPotter
Springtime Sunlight by MoPotterLove and Time by MoPotter
Raindrops Keep Falling... by MoPotterHow Far We've Come by MoPotter
Up From the Weeds by MoPotterBlossom Garden by MoPotter





Everything I Learned In Life, I Learned From CLAMP

1. If you're not angsty, you should be.
2. There is no such thing as coincidence.
3. Evil takes the form of four Japanese mangaka.
4. Everything's better in alternate universes.
5. If you're precious to your brother, you're probably doomed.
6. Actually, if you're precious to anyone, you're doomed.
7. In fact, you're probably just doomed anyways.
8. Treasure your eyes. You never know when they'll be taken away.
9. Subtext really does equal buttsex.
10. Everything has a price.
11. The most powerful people are alcoholics.
12. Never trust the bunny/pork bun.
13. True love always prevails. Usually.
14. Love comes in all forms.
15. At least you're not Subaru.
16. Nothing says love like agreeing to be somebody's primary food source.
17. If someone comments on your eyes being pretty, you will probably lose them several chapters later.
18. Even if you and your beloved are a canon couple, by the end, you still won't have kissed.
19. Even in other series, you still will not kiss.
20. If your grandparents are constantly on vacation, they most likely don't exist.
21. Never carry your most treasured item around with you.
22. Everybody has an evil twin.
23. Tokyo Tower is, more than likely, the source of all evil.
24. If you're good-looking, you're doomed or angsty. Probably both.
25. Don't expect to live a happy life. You'll only be disappointed.
26. The more they smile, the harder they fall.
27. Your fan base is directly proportional to how angsty you are.
28. Everyone is pretty, even when bleeding or in agony.
29. Torture and mind games are just another way of showing you care.
30. Your boss is bad for you.
31. The world is split into three genders: male, female and androgynous.
32. Blood is aesthetic.
33. It's not real magic unless you can conjure a two-metre-wide magic circle.
34. Flat strips of paper can reach the same speed as an F1 race car.
35. Fire doesn't burn unless the plot requires it to.
36. No matter how ripped your shirt gets, it's not coming off.
37. Men with black hair and glasses (including sunglasses) cannot be trusted.
38. Anyone who says having magic powers is cool could not have been more wrong.
39. It's possible to store two swords and enough clothing for four people inside the mouth of a bunny/pork bun.
40. Who wears short shorts? Little boy detectives wear short shorts!
41. Four leaf clovers aren't as lucky as they're made out to be.
42. If you're a character voiced by Megumi Ogata/cool/fan favourite/bishounen, you're doomed.
43. Hell, you're in a CLAMP anime. You're doomed.
44. Remember your dreams- they're the key to the plot.
45. If you can't whistle, "hyuu" instead.
46. If you feel someone's watching you, they probably are.
47. If he's tall, dark and handsome, he's taken- by the outrageously cute boy standing next to him.
48. Feathers have the ultimate power. Buy a chicken.
49. If your series is happy happy sugar-coated fairies and ***, you will most likely all die a horrible death at the hand of a psychotic clone.
50. Everything will be alright.
51. Just because you return from a journey, doesn't mean you'll return in one piece.
52. Everything happens in Tokyo.
53. Cute stuffed animals make the best magical servants.
54. Swords longer than your height are easy to manage.
55. Attack names/chants are more important than actual skill or experience.
56. Cherry blossoms are a sign of good luck.
57. Cherry blossoms are a sign of bad luck.
58. Cherry blossoms are- sod that, if you see cherry blossoms, run.
59. Even after your heart is pierced by someone's hand, you will still have plenty of time to divulge deep dark secrets/words of wisdom/angst/last words before you actually die.
60. Show your true love not by exchanging rings, but eyes.
61. No one is really happy. They're just hiding some dark secret.
62. Dressing someone up in cute but outlandish outfits, is a sign of great love and affection.
63. The easiest way to solve a love triangle is to kill somebody.
64. Inanimate objects have feelings.
65. Eyes, especially magic ones, are in high demand.
66. Cosplay is completely normal in Tokyo.
67. Love your parents while you can.
68. The general public is oblivious to strange/supernatural/inexplicable/mysterious events/people/objects.
69. Don't give your name to strangers.
70. Wherever you are, there is a Miyuki somewhere in the background.
71. Apparently, magic allows you to eat other people's eyes like candy.
72. Walking between a fence and a lamp-post will send you to another time/dimension.
73. Never trust shop owners.



After School by MoPotter
After School
A belated posting of my birthday gift for katdarkshines! Our characters SB (left) and SC (right)! I wanted to do a sort of modern-day after-school themed art piece that had them as two mischievous and energetic teenagers who walk home from school and go to each other's houses every day after school :XD:
I admittedly took a lot on inspiration from my boyfriend's room and also his and all my other (guy) friend's apartments at school! The clothes on the back of the door, the entire entertainment set up, the key ring, all the soccer stuff, etc :D SC is wearing his U.S. Men's team jersey since he's representing his country^^ I imagine the two of them located here in the U.S. (I have my college banner in the bg) with SB being a sort of exchange student or something :)

SC (c) MoPotter & SB
SB (c) katdarkshines & SC
Jaime and Claire by MoPotter
Jaime and Claire
A drawing I did of Jaime Fraser and Claire Beauchamp from Starz's Outlander! The books were my mum's favorite when she was younger and she loves the show. I still need to finish season 2 though!

Claire and Jaime Outlander Work-in-Progress by MoPotter

Outlander (c) Starz & Diana Gabaldon
Claire and Jaime Outlander Work-in-Progress by MoPotter
Claire and Jaime Outlander Work-in-Progress
Work-in-progress shots of my new Outlander drawing I did for my mum's birthday today!
Finished product:
Jaimeclaire by MoPotter

Outlander (c) Starz & Diana Gabaldon
Self-Portrait by MoPotter
So I decided yesterday that I wanted to draw a self-portrait of myself because I've only ever done 2 before and it's been awhile! Plus I couldn't really decide on what else to draw ;)
So here's the finished product along with the reference photo and the overlay color drawing photo because I thought it looked cool^^

Portrait by Micah Smits
Drawing by me MoPotter 
Grad Cap by MoPotter
Grad Cap
Of course I waited 'til an hour before graduation to start working on decorating my mortar board so it only got this much done! However I still think it looks completed so whatever!
But besides that, I graduated from university last Saturday night with a Bachelor's degree in Film Production and Magna Cum Laude honors :dance:
I plan on enjoying my last summer break ever before I get a full-time job (which hopefully means a lot more art for you guys!)

2015 and Art and Wrist Injury

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 4, 2015, 8:14 PM
Hey everyone- long time no talk!

I'll just write me semi-annual update right now since I really am going to make a conscious effort to update my art more periodically this year (I've already uploaded 3 pieces this year! ;))

Unfortunately, my wrist has been very messed up from racquetball for quite awhile. I originally hurt it in June last year playing too hard in a tournament and after several visits to the doctor, prescribed medications, a brace and bandages, an x-ray, 2 months of physical therapy, and an MRI I am still nowhere closer to being healed or my wrist fixed. I have an additional MRI schedule for Tuesday in which I need to get dye injected into my wrist (since apparently there's no liquid in my wrist) and that should tell the doctor which of the two ligament perforations is worse and therefore, whether or not I will need surgery. I really hope not, but on the other hand I really don't know how they're going to fix it otherwise since nothing else has worked up until now...I haven't been able to play racquetball, video games, clean, write, draw, etc. without some heavy pain. So I've pretty much stopped racquetball completely (there goes my means of exercise) but I can't stop the other things because that's all I like to do!! :tears: I just sit and read Fruits Basket in-between soreness...:)

Anyways, enough complaining, but I'm preparing for another temporary hiatus once I get my final results on my wrist and go back to school at the end of this month. It's my final semester and I will surely be busy with work, my senior practicum, hopefully an internship and organizing the final two racquetball tournaments our team has. (I can't play but I am the President of the team so at least I still have something to do with the team)...

My current art projects I really want to finish are:
:bulletorange: A commissioned pair of couple's shoes
:bulletorange: A tattoo design I've owed a friend from school since last summer ^^;

Hopefully writing it down will motivate me more! I hope you all are kicking off the New Years in a productive manner! ;)

  • Mood: Optimism
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Name: Mo // Morgan // MoPotter
Birthday: March 28th
Profession: College student aka Professional Procrastinator

Favorite TV // Movies: Merlin // Robin Hood // Supernatural // Teen Wolf // Breaking Bad // Survivor // The Amazing Race // The Middle // Hell’s Kitchen // Degrassi: The Next Generation // Chronicles of Narnia // Inception // How to Train Your Dragon // Pirates of the Caribbean // Final Fantasy // 17 Again // She’s the Man // Lord of the Rings // Sherlock Holmes // Phantom of the Opera // Titanic // Super 8

Favorite Animes: Big Windup! // Kuroshitsuji // The Disappearence of Haruhi Suzumiya // Fullmetal Alchemist // Brotherhood // D. Gray-man // Junjou Romantica // Death Note // Ouran High School Host Club // Shingeki no Kyojin // Free! Iwatobi Swim Club // Sword Art Online

Favorite Manga: Kuroshitsuji // Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE // D. Gray-man // Fullmetal Alchemist // FAKE // XxxHolic // D.N. Angel

Favorite Books: Among my favorite genre of books are fantasy and historical fiction -mainly books set in the Word War times or 18th century England^^ I also have a liking for tragic novels set in the present day :3 // Harry Potter // The Night Angel Trilogy // Chronicles of Narnia // The Inheritance Trilogy // The Guardians of Time Trilogy // The Maze Runner Trilogy // A Series of Unfortunate Events // Hunger Games // The King-Killer Chronicles {Name of the Wind} // Percy Jackson & The Olympians

Favorite Video Games: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess // Assassin's Creed II // LoZ: Skyward Sword // Super Smash Bros. Melee // FFVII: Crisis Core

Favorite Characters: Syaoran [Tsubasa RESERvoir CHRoNiCLE] // Stiles Stilinksi [Teen Wolf] // Ciel Phantomhive [Kuroshitsuji] // Sam Winchester [Supernatural] // Allen Walker [D. Gray-man] // Merlin [Merlin] // Link [Legend of Zelda] // Edmund Pevensie [Chronicles of Narnia] // Peeta Mellark [Hunger Games] // Neville Longbottom [Harry Potter] // Niwa Daisuke [D.N. Angel] // Abe Takaya [Big Windup!] // Misaki Yata [K Project] // Kyon [The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya]

Favorite Music: All genres!! // 3OH!3 // All-American Rejects // Breaking Benjamin // Linkin Park // Adam Lambert // Ke$ha // My Chemical Romance // Mumford & Sons // Hollywood Undead // MIKA // Yiruma // Takeharu Ishimoto

Favorite Mediums: Pencil // Pen // Watercolors

Loves: Manga // Anime // Reading // Fantasy // Smex // Blood // Gore // Tragic stuff :XD:

My YouTube…
My Sketch Blog

I always always thank for :+devwatch: and reply to comments but I simply do not have enough time to reply to replies and thank for every:+fav:! Just know that it all means alot to me and I appreciate it even if I don't say so!!

Favourite style of art: Realism // Anime // Manga // pencil :D
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iTouch
Personal Quote: “Never do today what you can put off 'till tomorrow."

"That is alchemy's first law of equivilant exchange."
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Current Fandom:

A new little module on my profile to show you when/if I'm currently obsessed with any particular character or series...also a good way to guess on what kind of fanart I will be producing in the near future ;p

Smoking Sterek by ShamanmyYou Can't Touch Us by batciiThe bond... by SylliriumI'll EAT YOU ALIVE by Allinor:thumb363287110:Stiles Stilinski by SudjinoTeen Wolf - Bookmarks by dhauber

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